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At Frontier, we combine local knowledge with a global approach to effectively assist Turkish and European brands entering the Asia-Pacific markets.

Market Research, Entry & Development

At Frontier, we combine local knowledge with a global approach to effectively assist Turkish and European brands entering the Asia-Pacific markets.

Asia-Pacific, especially China, offers significant business opportunities for international brands. The market size and economic growth rate in this region are unparalleled. Accessing this region is, however, a challenging and complex undertaking. New entrants face an array of challenges, from inadequate market data and sales channels to complex legal systems and different business cultures. Establishing an operation in Asia-Pacific can be an expensive and time consuming process, with a steep learning curve.

Frontier mitigates these challenges for clients to enable relatively smooth access to these markets. Our process leverages a wide range of tools that serve to minimize the risks and challenges while maximizing our client’s returns.

We help our clients achieve their growth goals by facilitating the most analytical transition possible in market penetration, diversifications into new market segments and the launching of new product categories. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients achieve access to their targeted markets and reach their desired market shares.

This segment of our services is divided into three sub-categories:

Market Research

This is where we assist you to better assess the market structure and trends, discover rival products in the market, understand their positioning and pricing policies, e-commerce sales breakdown. By filling the form below, you can customize your inquiry to let us know the detailed information your marketing team needs.  

  • Information on rival brands in the market, channel segmentation and positioning
  • Price analysis and strategy
  • E-Commerce analysis
  • Translations
  • Customizable inquiry list based on your marketing team’s needs
Market Entry

If you have completed the preliminary research to ensure your products are suitable for the market and need to find the right distributors or agents to enter your products into the market, Frontier can assist you in several stages. 

  • Promoting your brand and products to local distributors and agents
  • After thorough analysis, develop an entry plan
  • Localization and marketing
  • Food regulation compliance and labelling
  • IP rights
Market Development

If you already have a presence in the market, we can assist you to further develop your business, optimize your internal process and strengthen your communication with your distributors.

  • Analyse the current status and SKUs
  • Localization progress
  • Optimize channels and discuss further marketing activities
  • Act as your sales office 
  • Benefit from our Brand Consulting and Digital services

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