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Our Sourcing & SCM services generate value by optimizing client-supplier relationships and fine-tuning internal processes and practices.

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Our Sourcing & Supply Chain Management services generate value by optimizing the way our client-supplier relationships work and by fine-tuning internal processes and practices. The constant changes in cost dynamics on a global basis put more and more pressure on organizations to develop more efficient procurement and supply chain practices in order to fulfill cost saving targets. Frontier Consulting is eager to support our clients in achieving and sustaining the required purchasing and supply chain performance.

With expertise in areas such as strategic sourcing, low-cost country sourcing, procurement support and supply market analysis, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients custom-tailored best-in-class support. Frontier Consulting finds creative solutions to our clients’ problems wherever they can be found, from market analysis or cost benchmarking to comprehensive and on-going management of our clients’ entire sourcing and supply chain operations.

At Frontier Consulting, we work closely with your team to identify and realize savings across all spend categories and procurement levers. Along the entire process, we will build and support your organizational capabilities to sustain procurement gains over the long-term.

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Sourcing Services
  • Supporting the client’s category strategies via product scouting
  • Assessment of sourcing project feasibility
  • Searching and qualifying new manufacturers according to the client’s requirements
  • Organising buying trips to manufacturers and suppliers
  • Attending trade fairs, preparing detailed reports of participating suppliers according to the client’s requirements on certain products or services
  • Value-added services – background legal profile checking and reporting on manufacturers and suppliers
SCM Services
  • Order-to-cash (OTC) operation – order management, credit control, schedule monitoring, logistics coordination, invoicing, payment and collection
  • Collaborating with vendors to optimise cost, reduce lead time, improve quality and ensure reliability
  • Fulfilling standard operating procedures and system requirements of major buyers from Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America
  • Value-added services – warehousing, shipment consolidation, vendor due diligence, supplying contracts review

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Market Research, Entry & Development

At Frontier, we combine local knowledge with a global approach to effectively assist Turkish and European brands entering the Asia-Pacific markets.